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Strong In Body is dedicated to providing elite level strength, speed and conditioning coaching to both men and women with the equipment, personalized service and extensive knowledge needed to advance your training program and deliver the results you want.
We have a simple philosophy at Strong In Body – we are passionate about strength and healthy slimming and we get results!
We do this by applying simple but proven concepts and working very, very hard at them. Our training is dedicated entirely towards helping our clients get as strong as they possibly can as quickly and safely as possible. Any individual or teams overall goal is to be stronger, faster, better conditioned and more explosive.
We can help anyone achieve this – the ONLY prerequisite is that you and your team are prepared to work hard. We will take care of the rest, from technique to programming to nutritional plans.
Give us a call or message and we will be happy to meet with you – we are passionate about what we do and are happy to talk to you all day long if that’s what you want!



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